I want to take you on a journey with me. The last 24 years of my life have been riddled with cultural expectations, societal pressures and all round drama. It was easy for me to become consumed with never being ‘good enough’ as that’s what had been drilled into my head since childhood, this left me with sorrowful thoughts about both existence and myself.  I am happy to finally say one day earlier this month I woke up and thought ‘NO MORE’ and that is absolutely all it took for everything to change. For the first time in my entire life I have chosen to invest in myself, a massive hang up of mine was my body. Over the years life took a toll and a massive weight gain was the result. I am Zara, an average 24 year old woman, and here I will document my road to fulfilment.

August 2017:

12stone Aim:10stone. Problem areas; arms and tummy.

I have joined the gym, invested in dumbells and healthy supplements.

Currently reading: Osho:self respect

Lets see what happens. Feel free to join me.


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